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Weird Space Weird Space released june 17/2007 IceFX Released Aug 23/2011 icefx

This release on 9.13.05 is named Xfract
in reaction to a state of mind bent on

certain types of reality, but not the
actual status quo

ICEMOON - was a Transindental Experiment,
using some ways ofholographics and sensory
experimentation the Icemoon was created
through a light trance.
Cursed Rain
Cursed Rain - Was inspired
by a vision of chaos thta came to
warn about some potential
happenings in the world.
9th Dimension Matrix - Desktop Pictures,
was inspired by a Alien password structure
that was a kind of encrypted matrix
9th Dimension Matrix
Hyper Element
Hyper Element - was released 02/21/2002
a syncronicity with a higher being.

and internet connectivity.
The new DTP called M3, Inspired by a
Surreal World of Brain Waves and Sensory Development.

Experimental design
for the reason of possible
website venture.
SynapticSource - was Inspired by
a Transindental State of Awarenes,
and a Vision of the Sands of Egypt.
Synaptic Source
Time and space is probably a Dream ,
but then again it might not be. Released
on (7/15/2001) with out wondering
what time it is .. heh!
Adverse Demosity - A Powerhouse
of Red Triumf and Crashing
Waves of Energy.
Adverse Demosity
Fire Ghost
Fire Ghost - Released as the Spirits
left the Room after this Art works
was completed!
Sync 924 03/2003 on the heals
of WW 3, where by power has
been given to fools and their money.
PX 10 PX-10

New! PX 10 Released 12/3/2002
a portal of information in
strange cyber times
A-Sign Some See Eye's some See Worlds
within, so need help to see - that is the
Essence of the A-Sign it is Important to
understand the Difference.
A Sign
FRM 1 FRM 1 , Release 12/26/2003 with
change and hope for the ever winding
future on thisplane of existence.
EPX1 Released 12/31/2003
inspiration, a Divine release of energy
found within
Dragon Released 1/4/2004
a more spiritual journey is a head
keep your mind at ease.
This is a recent ad, for webdesign
its been created large enough for
for a desktop / wallpaper

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